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Garry patterson

Garry Patterson, Born on July 23, 1982, is a God-Fearing Native of Mobile, Alabama. He Graduated from Davidson High School with Two Scholarships and One was in the Arts. He also Graduated from Bishop State Community College with a degree in Graphic Arts. He discovered his gift in Art at the age 5 years old. Thanks to the influence of his favorite Uncle "Calvin Clausell Jr.", Mr. Patterson comes from a Strong church background with a Multi-Talented Family. With his skills, abilities and passion. He was a Martial Artist before anything at 4 years old, With Bruce Lee as his most powerful motivational influence and childhood hero. He still practices the art today. Mr. Patterson was a Model, Actor, Dancer, Teacher in Ministry, Drummer in Ministry, and he practiced Acrobatics (Which Played a big part in his Artistic & Martial Arts Abilities). Mr. Patterson was a Model for Vohn Leon's Modeling agency in which he performed runway and done commercial projects. Garry Patterson is the cousin of the famous Actor, Samuel L. Jackson. Mr. Patterson has written, filmed, edited, and directed. He Did his own Stunts, Fight Choreography, and created his own customize costumes for his Martial Arts Cosplay film series, "The Bat Apprentice", Where he plays an Apprentice for The BatMan, By becoming BatMan to save and reclaim his pregnant wife played by Latasha Allen, the film can be seen on his YouTube channel "Patterson Creationz Ink, LLC" or "Garry Patterson Grant Jr". He also helped film the movie project called The One Warrior (Now called The Dragon Warrior) which starred the Actor Jason David Frank, who played Tommy the White Ranger and Green Ranger in the Hit Television Phenomenon "The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers". Jason David Frank shook hands with Garry and said "We will meet again". Frank was Mr. Patterson’s favorite ranger. The movie was filmed in Mobile, Alabama. He was a Dancer, as well, He performed his hip dance style in videos, under his dads label G1 NuVision and one of the Artist was his younger brother Gerald La’Fliiyette (iAmKiing) Grant, CEO & Owner of Kiing Vision & IamKiing TV in Los Angeles California, (In which he danced back up for, doing opening acts for artist such as Lil Bow Wow in which his brother) was on tour with and did acts for singing Artist Ciara and more. Mr. Patterson and his brother did dance battles for famous choreographers for Aaliyah, Miss Elliot, Mc Hammer, Omarion and 50 cent to name a few for the movie "You Got Served, part 2". But the famous group B2K broke up. Garry and his brother retired from the contest as "Grand Champions" moving to other projects. Mr. Patterson did hip hop dance choreography for his Church's dance team "the Jehovah Riders" and was a Sunday School Teacher in Ministry, Drummer in Ministry, and Sound Engineer, as well, and he practiced Acrobatics (Which Played a big part in his Artistic & Martial Arts Abilities). That’s not all, he is a man of many hats. He is practicing poetry, and is a Author as well and upcoming business man. He has a lot going on. He was the top fighter in his Martial Arts training under GrandMaster Yoon in Olympic style, Taekwondo. Winning trophies and numerous gold medals. (He wasn’t even a black belt, but was Defeating the black belts, Due to him already having experience since the age of four). He has answered his calling in ministry for the Prophetic Arts Arena, giving his life to God. However, He still enjoys drawing his Favorite Super Heroes (Such as "Batman" Just to name a few) and most admired celebrities. With a Massive "International" Calling, Garry Patterson hopes to touch one person, if not many.


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